Zenmarkt® Foam Balance Pad For Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Knees and Ankles

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  • Superior Comfort and Safety: Zenmarkt's TPE foam balance pad offers outstanding softness and cushioning, providing a safe and productive workout experience that is gentle on your joints and muscles
  • Enhance Your Fitness Level: Our textured foam yoga pad is designed to help you gain strength, balance, and mobility, making it an excellent tool for yoga, pilates, and ballet exercises, and it's ideal as a foam balance pad physical therapy, and rehab for seniors
  • Versatile and Essential: The exercise balance pad offers plenty of uses in just one purchase. The balance rehab pad can be used as an anti-fatigue pad, a seat cushion, a foot pad, or a knee pad for gardening, and more than that it can also be used as a comfortable seat cushion, foot elevator, or meditation pillow at home or on the go
  • Ideal for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: Our textured anti-slip balance foam pad is perfect for individuals recovering from injury or surgery, seniors, and anyone looking to improve their joint stability and motor skills. It provides a safe surface that improves overall balance and increases core strength, making it an excellent addition to any physical therapy or rehabilitation program
  • Perfect Size and Skin-Friendly: Measuring 15.7” L x 13” W x 2” H, our extra-large cushioned platform comfortably accommodates wider stances and all shoe sizes. Made of skin-friendly and pollution-free TPE foam, it has a lightly textured, non-slip surface that is safe to use barefoot or with shoes, and it is water-resistant, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent

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Mike H.
I didn't fully understand this but now I do.... it's fantastic!

I didn't fully understand this but now I do.... it's fantastic! I see all the other "balance boards" listed on Amazon, and they all wobble, and tilt, and such... So I kept examining the pictures for this item to make sure I wasn't missing something, and nope, I wasn't... it doesn't wobble, or tilt, or have any motion at all, while standing on it. What it does have is "squishy-ness, and that "sinking in" effect, to where if you step around on it, you can really get into balancing effects. I ended up just randomly moving and stepping around, and it was a real delight. It's also great for placing toes on the edge, heels on the floor, and then doing calf raises. In doing those limited few things I can tell there are many other ways to make use of this, it's very versatile. It seems very well made, durable, so it should last forever. A great little physical health and balancing tool that I'm really enjoying and would recommend to anyone looking for such a thing. A real winner.

Alicia F.
Foam Balance Pad

I ordered this as reading the information that it improves core balance. I like the softness of it especially knowing that it is somewhat firm. I think that I'll also be using this as a foot 'rest' by my chair as I have really short legs. I think it would be good as a chair pad. Overall, I like this a lot!

Good feel

I like this foam pad because it is solid, really dense! It has a really good feel while standing on it. i do need to improve my balance, core and work on my knees, too, so I will be spending a lot of time with this.

Seems to be helping my balance - Foam Balance Pad

I was somewhat doubtful that a foam pad could help with my decreased ability to balance. However, after a few weeks of use, I am noticing a definite improvement.I've let my physical condition degrade over several years of chronic pain. It was just easier to avoid what pain I could by being basically sedentary most of the time. And of course, I grew weaker and began noticing I was having balance issues. I decided enough was enough and began to look at how to help myself improve.After some research, I decided to start with this balance pad before a more strenuous balance board.This pad is made of a very dense foam that 'squishes' when you stand on it. moving around on it requires lots of automatic activation in small muscles to help maintain balance. After using it daily for a few weeks, I'm feeling stronger and less unsteady on my feet. I plan to use it for a while longer and graduate to a balance board.I think this product is a good buy to help you with gaining strength for balance.

The Captain
Thick, Soft, and Firm

I originally got this pad to use as a knee pad for doing hip flexor stretches (the couch stretch). It works perfectly for that purpose. The pad is a two inch thick piece of textured, solid foam. My knee sinks in, but doesn't push through. Really good for protecting the joint.I haven't used the pad much as a balance training tool yet, but I think it's probably going to work very well for that as well. When you stand on the pad with one foot, the foam squishes as your foot wiggles to the left and right, adding to the balance challenge. Seems like that would be a good thing.I also used the pad as padding for weighted hip thrusts and it worked perfectly for that as well. Couldn't feel the bar at all. Recommended product.